So what exactly is Vu Jà Dé?

You know that weird feeling you get when you’re experiencing something you’re so sure you’ve experienced before? Yeah, that’s Déjà Vu.

So in theory, Vu Jà Dé is really just the opposite. Think about experiencing something again and again but in a whole new way. That coffee shop you always nip into in the morning or the monotonous journey into work each day, these are the super boring things we experience on a regular basis. This is where Vu Jà Dé comes into it – it’s the feeling that you’re experiencing these situations in a completely fresh fashion. Yas, freshness!

Vu Jà Dé paves the way for getting all of you to question everything that little bit more, develop your thinking and get you talking about things in a reinvigorated way – basically all the things this blog will be providing.

So I guess this is our formal introduction, our first impression and we must be doing something right because you’re still reading this. Woo, welcome to the Tribe!

Anyway, more about the blog.

We love learning about pop-ups and trendy new openings as much as the next person but there are so many awesome articles out there doing just that.

We’re taking the concept of food and flipping it on its head, y’know? Gone are the boring roundups and endless lists of places you’ll never actually get around to going to. Instead expect curated recommendations and wider discussions about food – everything from the future of food, community projects to the spotlights on some of the best, upcoming talent in the London street food scene. We’re not top-class news correspondents but we’re also a keen group of foodies who care about what we’re talking about, know what we like writing about and we hope you all absolutely love it too.

So that’s enough about us and what this blog is going to do for our plan of London loyalty domination. We’d love for you to continue the conversations we’re going to be having on Vu Jà Dé (they’re set to be some pretty cool ones) and what better way than using #dejavuloyalty across social media? See you there!