What Makes A Place Worth Going Back To?

Londoners love eating out – that’s a fact.

BigHospitality predicted a whopping £54.7billion was spent on dining out last year and it’s safe to say that that’s a hell of a load of money being used for our appetite.

Here at Déjà Vu we’re fascinated by the fact that in this ever-growing market of pop-ups, supper clubs and immersive dining experiences, there will always be those places that loyal Londoners go back to, time and time again. But what exactly makes a restaurant, bar or market stall worthy of going back to?

We’ve broken it down to three main components, which we think are pretty crucial:

1. The food or drink, of course.

2. Ambience and setting

3. Service

So in case you didn't realise, we love food here so naturally, a place without good food would be a weird conundrum for us. Hence why it's at the top of our list. Even if the restaurant is a little cramped, they're a little too generous on the air-con or a tiny bit slow in the service, it’s safe to say that if the food is knock-your-socks-off good, you’re probably going to go back. Whether it’s that faithful curry that gets the balance of spice just right, the perfect breakfast sandwich to pick you back up on a Sunday morning or that expertly mixed G&T on a summer’s day – food and drink is a vital part of the reason why we’d go back anywhere.

Onto the ambience and setting of the place. We’re pretty sure if it had mouldy walls and rubbish atmosphere then you wouldn’t want to go back. But even if the place is a little more on the cramped side or your favourite burger is also served out of a small food truck, it’s really about the way that the establishment makes use of their small space. Tiny doesn’t necessarily have to mean confined, it can easily be transformed into a cute “hole-in-the-wall” with a bustling following if the place is really that noteworthy. It’s not always the grandest of places that deserve our loyalty but good vibes shouldn't be so hard to come by, right?

Service and the whole ambience/setting of a place are aspects that really go hand in hand with one another. Bad service is always something that sticks with you but when a place gets it right, boy oh boy, do they hit the nail on the head. Greetings that don't just involve a cardboard nod of the head, smiles and genuine, attentive service are always a great addition to any location. Have you ever been to a bar with an extensive menu and just been too overwhelmed to make a snap decision on what pre-dinner drink you’d like? Just us? Okay, maybe! But we love useful recommendations from bartenders and waiters because let’s face it, decision making can be a little daunting. We’re not talking about service that has the waiter bringing us hot cloths for our faces after dessert or giving us a bucket of free champagne (although that would also be rather pleasant) but restaurateurs and waiting staff that just care about your experience, you know?

Here at Déjà Vu we’re constantly questioning loyalty and what makes a spot good enough to be loyal to. Let’s continue the conversation with #unlocksomethingdifferent and #dejavuloyalty over on our Twitter and Instagram pages.