I’ve just downloaded the app and signed up. How many visits is in until I unlock rewards?

  • Straight away. All Déjà Vu’ers start out on AQUA so the first reward will be there waiting for you.

I’ve downloaded the app but can’t see any venues, what do I do now?

  • Déjà Vu only works with location services on. Don’t worry, we won’t track you to your favourite late night takeaway haunt, just make sure those services are enabled when you sign up initially.

How can I redeem my unlocked rewards?

  • Under your chosen perk, you’ll see a REDEEM button. Click that, swipe to confirm that you want it (you do) and show it to your street food vendor or restaurant waiter.

I keep redeeming offers but I’m not moving through the tiers.

  • Déjà Vu can only show you the door, you must walk through it. Don’t forget to check-in when you arrive at your favourite venue and then you’ll gain your loyalty point.

The app keeps saying that I’m too far away to check in …

  • Go out, explore what London has to offer and Unlock Something Fresh because check-ins can only be done when you’re in or nearby the venue.

It looks like I’m KAI at my favourite vendor in King’s Cross, but will I be able to redeem the same rewards for their location in West India Quay?

  • Of course. We operate the app on a brand basis so whether you show your loyalty to one location, two or all of them, you’ll still be able to access your points and tier perks.

I’ve gone down a tier, what happened?

  • Your favourite place just wants some more attention. Joking. Well, not really. Loyalty is all about going back to the places you love so pay them a visit, check-in and regain your tier ranking.